RIP Ernie Banks

A couple of pictures from my 2008 Wrigley trip, including the Ernie Banks statue outside the ballpark.

The baseball world and the 1968 set lost a legend this week.

While moving to Lakeland has slowly converted me to a Tigers fan, I grew up a Cubs fan and will always consider them my National League team. My childhood was spent idolizing Sandberg and then later Sosa. But no matter how much I looked up to these two players, those who had watched the game before me made sure that I knew one important fact – Ernie Banks would, without a doubt, always be Mr. Cub.

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Welcome to CHASING 68


Here’s an action shot of me chasing CY Young winners around in my hometown…


After working hard on my basketball site, CHASING 72, I’m really excited to share with you my new baseball blog, CHASING 68!

While this site will primarily focus on my quest to get every card from the 1968 Topps baseball set signed, I also plan on writing about my adventures from the baseball world in in general. And seeing as I’ve lived in the Sunshine State for eight of the last eleven years, I’ve had my fair share of exposure to the ballpark. Currently, I call Lakeland, Florida home, which is also the Spring Training home of the Detroit Tigers.

With 598 cards in the main set, there will be no shortage of topics to discuss. Occasionally, I’ll also sprinkle in a baseball piece or two that I’ve already written for some other sites.

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