John Hiller and Jim Price of the Detroit Tigers – Now & Then

The Detroit Tigers celebrate the 1968 World Series


Last weekend I had the opportunity to catch some of the 1968 World Series Champion Detroit Tigers in action as the Tigers hosted their annual Fantasy Camp. Obviously, I use the term “in action” loosely, but it was nice to get back out to the ballpark. Essentially, Fantasy Camp is an opportunity where normal, everyday fans can pay to suit up and play with a mix of players from the last 50+ years. While I’ll never pony up the money myself, I usually try and watch a little, seeing as it makes for a nice precursor to the real action in the spring.

Over the course of the day, I managed to get a picture with John Hiller and then Jim Price:

Hiller small

Hiller primarily spent his day pitching and covering first base. Some of the other pitchers were forced to hit from time to time. On the first weekend, a camper struck out former reliever Joel Zumaya, much to the amusement of the campers and players.

Price small

Adding to the experience for the campers on the second weekend, Price introduced every player over the PA system and called the action on the field. I’m looking forward to hearing Mr. Price and his customary “Touch ’em all!” on the radio this season (despite the fact that Detroit’s big home run hitters will probably start on the DL).

Warden small

While not actually featured in the 1968 Topps set, I wanted to get a picture with the other lefty from the 1968 pen, Jon Warden. Anyone who’s ever attended the camp can speak for Warden’s antics…he’s certainly an entertainer and keeps things fun.

With Fantasy Camp over, this can only mean one thing – Spring Training is getting closer and closer!


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